When the new CLP regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures) becomes law on 1st June, all of the danger symbols, risk and safety information that you are used to seeing is likely to change (even though the products may still be the same).

The CLP regulation replaces the Dangerous Substances (DSD) and Dangerous Preparations Directives (DPD), and affects Buyers of Chemicals as well as Suppliers - The CLP Regulation.

It affects all chemicals including detergents and cleaning products, and there are new danger symbols for existing hazard groups (as well as three completely new hazard pictograms), and all of these are accompanied by newly introduced hazard statements.

In the pre-CLP regime there were 15 hazard classes: CLP comprises some 29 hazard classes and unlike DSD and DPD they are broken down into three areas: Physical, Health and Environmental hazards, with different criteria for each classification.

Although the suppliers of all chemical products have a legal requirement to conform to the new regulations, End Users and Consumers have a corresponding duty to ensure that new Risk Assessments are carried out using the new classifications, and that your staff are aware of these new symbols and data sheets.

If you use a control banding tool in your Risk Assessment process, you should review the assessments done with these tools for all the products for which you receive a datasheet as there are likely to be changes in the hazard classes, due to new information on the substance, as well as new classification criteria for CLP.

It is also possible that products not classified as dangerous under DPD / DSD will be labelled with a hazard pictogram under CLP. This does not mean that the product has changed, only that the classification rules under both regulations are different (more stringent under CLP).

As a supplier of over 500 different chemical products, Astleys are heavily involved in this ‘Change programme’ ourselves.

Although we can't do your new Risk Assessments for you, we are happy to help you understand what you need to do and offer some suggestions on how to have a quicker, easier transition to the new CLP regulations and reduce your ongoing costs at the same time.

Part of our commitment to helping local companies means that we are happy to offer whatever help and advice we can, at no charge to you. It doesn’t matter if you are a customer or not, we see this as an opportunity to show off our commitment to delivering helpful service.

Steve Wootton

Just email me on steve.wootton@astleys.co.uk or give me a call on 02476 992638 if you think we could be of help.

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